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Today Elites Grid is here with a surprise for all its loving readers. We are going to present you a series of interviews, with our toppers, to present you the pre-assembled ingredients to make your CAT & OMETs preparation journey a little less arduous and a much more captivating one.

Here is the first article of this series, with EG’s highest scorer in the CAT’17.

Where people are trying hard from years to bell the CAT, here we have a gentleman with us, Mr. Arush Kapoor, who managed to score a phenomenal percentile in his very first attempt itself.

Arush is an Elites Grid student. He scored 99.56%ile in the CAT’17. He is from Navi Mumbai, Vashi. He has done his graduation in mechanical engineering and is currently working as a Quality control engineer in Sukhbir Agro Energy Limited. He aspires to become a marketing professional and a thought leader.

Come; let’s talk to this gentleman and try to figure out how you can get an edge over your competitors in this onerous journey.

Here is our conversation with Arush.


Q1.What was your preparation strategy for CAT’17?

Ans1. I began my preparations from January 2017, but as I had to work on my Major project I started devoting proper time only after completing my graduation, that is mid-June. My strategy was to complete my portion till July-August and then focus only on sectionals and mocks. Never missed any class of my institute ELITES GRID.

Q2. How did you prepare for each section in CAT- VARC, DILR, & QA? What study materials & books did you refer to?

Ans2. My strategy (after about 14-15 mocks and to which I stuck throughout) Varc- I looked for 1 or 2 RCs that seems the easiest to me and firstly, I attempted them. Then I used to attempt only Para Completion or summary based questions. Then again back to RCs. I never preferred to take any risk in VARC section.

LRDI- my strength was difficult DI and easy LR sets. So, I always started by picking the easy LR sets and completing them all. If there is any moderate or difficult LR, I preferred skipping it and moving to the DI part. Difficult DI is rather better to solve, at the least in my case because my classes were very well focused on preparing the students for different types of patterns, approaches, and thought the process for difficult DI sets. Moreover, they are not much time consuming as they require you to think and just crack, no solving is required. On the other hand, easy DI sets, which are no more a part of CAT exam, are more time-consuming. Keeping in mind the current trend, do join Elites grid’s LRDI booster 1 and booster 2 courses. This will definitely improve your LRDI performance drastically.

QA– I used to solve QA in 2-3 rounds. The shorter framed questions, substitution based, and approximations based were round 1. And all the remaining ones were kept for round 2 and 3.

Study material that I referred to is as follows:


RC- Past year mocks along with ELITES GRID classroom material.

LRDI- ELITES GRID Classroom material+ ELITES GRID Booster material+ ELITES GRID Forum. Solved all mocks of Time, CL, and IMS from 2013-2016

QA- ELITES GRID CLASSROOM material+ ELITES GRID Booster material+ ELITES GRID Forum. All mocks from Time, CL, and IMS of 2015 and 2016.

Q3. Any advice for CAT’18 aspirants about how to take mocks?

Ans3. In my case, I was scoring least in QA and LRDI in the initial mocks. So as far as I remember, from the 7th or 8th mock, I changed my strategy and started attempting less no. of questions and tried getting 100% accuracy. It is necessary for you to get suited in a strategy and attempt mocks by treating each one of them as your final exam and avoid relaxing, going to the loo, taking water breaks, and most importantly write the mocks at your coaching center. These small things do matter a lot.

Q4. What role does a coaching play?

Ans4. As this was my first attempt, I was not very well aware of the schedule to be followed to reach this level, where I’m today. The time management is one of the most important things to be followed during your CAT prep. As all the three sections hold equal importance in CAT, it is necessary to allow equal time preparing for all the three sections. So in this regard, a coaching helps you a lot to stick to a schedule and in maintaining regularity. Moreover, you come across various techniques available to solve different kinds of problems, as conventional ways never help you in CAT.

Q5.Please share your strategy for the D-Day & the last minute preparation phase. What are the ‘must do’ things in your opinion that an aspirant should keep in mind to strategize his/her performance for those 3 hours?

Ans5. I stopped giving mocks on 23rd November. I secured not more than 95%ile in last three mocks, was a bit tensed but kept my calm.
For the final phase, I was focusing only on the revision part. I had kept 3-3-3 sectionals (was advised by my faculty) for final 2-3 days to stay in touch. I also watched ‘The Hacksaw ridge’ on 25th November. I knew I had studied for almost a year for this and needed to keep my calm and stay relaxed for the final day and do justice to my preparation. I slept at 9pm and woke up at 6 and went peacefully to write the CAT exam.
My tip for all the CAT’18 aspirants- if you have studied sincerely for CAT you need not worry about it. I believe one exam can definitely change your future so invest time during your preparations and the final lap would just be an easy task. As far as those 3 hours are concerned, follow your strategy (do not change it with the level of paper), wear comfortable clothes and reach the center at least an hour before so that you can relax and write formulas behind your sheet  (that’s what I did, but had no use).

Q6. Any suggestions for CAT’18 aspirants?

Ans6. My suggestions are-
1) Never gauge your performance with repeaters, it will only demotivate you. You have an edge over them in QA and LRDD on the D-Day. About 30-40 marks that they would have secured in the mocks are from those questions which they have solved earlier in their preparation. You have to appear for a new paper in every mock, but that is not the case for them. Soon the D-Day when everyone gets new questions, you tend to perform better.
2) Avoid using GOOGLE (for online aspirants)
3) Maintain notes properly.
4) For LRDI, during your preparation stage, spend 30 mins-1 hours on the questions that you are not able to solve. This will enhance your way of thinking and this is the best way to learn and master this section.

Q7.Will you recommend EG to future CAT & other management exams’ aspirants? Do you think there are any traits that set EG apart from the bunch of other institutes, as per your opinion?

Ans7. Yes, I will definitely recommend the future aspirants to join EG. There are so many traits in EG that set it apart. The few things that I liked the most about EG over other coaching institutes – While other institutes are busy promoting themselves throughout the year, EG focuses on its students to give them an edge over other candidates. Flexible class timings are available to take care on the part of every student. Mock discussions at EG were the other thing that helped me the most, as mocks not only from EG but also from TIME, CL, IMS, and other institutes are discussed. The strategies they provide are extremely helpful and easy to embrace. EG’s another unique feature is its Doubt groups. We are given the accessibility to a group that serves as a platform for all the enrolled students to post their doubts and in this way, we come across various problems and the different possible solutions. This helped me to a great extent because, here I used to solve the doubts of my batchmates too, so in this way, I got my hands on a large number of questions and I was also able to analyze the different possible ways to solve the same question. Faculties themselves participate actively in all the discussions that further encourage the students to stay committed to their preparations. Regular events are conducted here throughout the year to maintain the consistency & equilibrium in your preparation phase.

Q8.What is your profile and what all calls do you have? As the shortlists are not out of all the colleges yet, so what other calls are you expecting?


10th (CBSE) – 93.20

12th (CBSE) – 94.00
Btech (mechanical) – 72.17
Calls – IIM-I & L till now

Expected calls – IIM-K, FMS, MDI, SP Jain, NITIE, New IIMs

Hope you enjoyed reading this and got something out of it.

Stay tuned; the SUCCESS MANTRA of our other toppers is on its way!

Thank you, people.


The EG team.

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