CAT Success Story of Koyena Pathak (CAT 2017- VA 99.98%)

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Hey! I am Koyena Pathak, a final year student of Economics discipline. I had started to prepare for CAT’17 since April and had enrolled myself in a reputed institute for the requisite guidance. But, I failed to attend the classes regularly because of college events, exams and every other impedance a 20-year old can think of.
By the time of September, my mock scores were abysmal and it was mainly due to the Quants section. The Verbal Ability section seemed comparatively easy to me and I love to solve puzzles hence the Logical Reasoning Section didn’t betray me, mostly.
But when it came to Quants, despite knowing the formulae and concepts, I would fail to strategize and imply which would hamper my overall scores massively. I took sectionals, but the improvement wasn’t impressive.
My friend, who was a regular ElitesGrid student, suggested me to attend the offline classes and attend their workshops. And, there’s no doubt about how those marathon classes were helpful. The incredible patience exhibited by the faculty of EG is worth appreciation.
The team is extremely dedicated and they know their mantras well. My scores did experience a gradual ascent and I would definitely recommend them to all other aspirants as they won’t judge you even when you ask them the difference between a rhombus and square. Also, you get to laugh at Hunny Sir’s silly jokes when the frustum’s volume puts you under stress.
Happy Learning! Cat-17 (Va – 99.98%ile) 
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