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So we are back with the second article of our Interview series. This time, we are here to dispense something to you all that will help untangle all the worries, of the folks out there aspiring to write NMAT, regarding the preparation phase of this peculiar exam. Today we have this sensational lady, Ms Monica Anand, with us.

She is an ElitesGrid student, who scored 233 in NMAT’2017. She is from Delhi and completed her B.Tech. in 2015. She then started working with DXC Technologies as an SAP Consultant. And also, she scored 99.7%ile in IIFT’17.

Here is our conversation with Monica.

Q.1  You are an engineer, so why are you targeting a Management program? What are your aspirations?

Ans1. Though I am an engineer ,I have worked in SAP Sales and distribution module. It was due to my project that I got exposed to the business side of an organization. All my colleagues were already MBA graduates. Working with them, I felt that there is a need to upgrade my skills to understand business functionalities from a broader perspective. So I decided to do an MBA to enhance my present skills and get those new skills that would help me add value to the organization I will be working for. By doing an MBA, I aspire to learn more about business and market, get the managerial and leadership skills, and improve my present interpersonal skills.

Q.2) There are two clusters: one that considers NMAT to be a really tough exam as it is more about speed and less about knowledge/basics, and the other one that considers NMAT to be a not-so-good exam to be targeted. So, as per your opinion, what kind of exam NMAT actually is? And also, what class of students should target it?

Ans 2- I don’t agree that NMAT is less about knowledge and basics. It is an easy exam if you are clear with your basics and devise a right strategy. These two things are really important, as it is an exam where time really matters. The correct strategy should be to get clear with the basics and practice doing calculations on your own while solving questions. In my first attempt, I couldn’t  score well as I realized that I used to get stuck in calculations (as we are using calculators in cat). And any student can target this exam if follows a right strategy and is ready to work hard. And, it is also important to attempt mocks which will increase your speed of solving questions.

Q3) Do you think coaching is important to crack NMAT or any MBA entrance Exam?

Ans3- Well, it depends on you. I wanted to get my basics clear, so I joined Elites Grid and it really helped me a lot. They teach you from basics and it proved out to be very fruitful to me. Though the questions in NMAT are not that much on difficult side but there is a mentor who is available to solve your doubts and clear your basics, then there is nothing like it! And Hunny sir, Gaurav sir, and Shahzar sir were always available to address the doubts 24*7.

Q.4-What was your preparation strategy for NMAT 2017? Please share your preparation strategy for the Language Skills, Quantitative Skills, and Logical Reasoning. What was your time management strategy while writing the actual NMAT exam?

Ans4- As I already shared two things, I would stress upon them again: 1. Get your basics clear 2. Devise a right strategy. The first thing I did was to know the basics of the entire syllabus. Then I attempted mock papers and from those mocks, I concluded which topics are most frequently asked. For example, in QA section you find many Arithmetic questions and similarly, in LR section you have many CR questions. So you should first target these topics and make it your strong areas. I started practising arithmetic as much as I can along with probability and PnC.

ELITES GRID helped me a lot in exposing me to a variety of questions on every topic. Geometry had easier questions which you will be able to do if you know all the theorems and basics. For the DI part, my strategy was to choose easiest of all the sets. I always tried to do two DI sets and some easier selective questions of other sets if I had time. In DI, one thing which always has to keep in mind that do not attempt sets which have lengthy and complicated questions. This unnecessarily wastes your time.

For VA, one can practice RCs and learn word meanings. Fill in the blanks are easy. A basic knowledge of prepositions, conjunctions, articles would suffice.

Coming to LR section, as I said practice more and more CRs. Strengthening weakening type, Assumption based, the course of action, cause-effect, inference – focus on these type of questions. Series type questions are equally important as they are easy to crack. With practice, one learns the tricks. Also, one should never leave arrangement sets as those are easy and act as score maximizer. For the input-output type of questions, I would recommend that if you are able to get the logic then proceed, otherwise shouldn’t waste time on decoding the logic in the examination hall.

Q-5) What were your strong and weak areas? What additional efforts did you put in for improving your weak areas?

Ans5- VA was my strongest area as I had done enough practice on RCs and memorized words from ‘Word power made easy’. Taking guidance from Nitesh and Shahzar sir, from ELITES GRID, I had started my VA preparation in April. And this included practising as many RCs as possible and listing all my mistakes so that I can work on those mistakes specifically. As a result, I scored 80 in VA section. LR was my weak area as I was not clear with CR concepts. And NMAT has some 9-10 questions only on CR. So, I made a habit of solving a mixed bag of at least 10 CR questions every day. I did this continuously for a month.

Q-6) How did you manage NMAT preparation phase along with your job?

Ans6- It was easy. It’s all about giving 3-4 quality hours to study on an everyday basis. Also, I used to read English articles in my office whenever I get some free time.

Q-7) Any words from your side to EG? Do you recommend EG to future aspirants for management entrance exams?

Ans7Yes, I strongly recommend EG to our future students. The biggest advantage that students can get here is personalized attention and very strong faculty. Hunny sir and Gaurav sir are there to solve your doubts even at 4am. Shahzar sir and Nitesh sir are there to solve your VA doubts.(They gave me this amazing formula of cracking RCs. This included listing down your mistakes after solving an RC and try not to make the same mistakes in the next RC you solve. I had always maintained an excel sheet for the same). I always wondered when they sleep. :p

The second most important thing that will bring a difference in your level of preparation is amazing methods of teaching. They will explain the things to you even if you ask them for the hundredth time. I joined XYZ coaching institute in 2016 and with my experience, I can tell you that you will not get this sort of exposure anywhere. The most amusing thing is these coaching institutes waste their time on irrelevant questions which these days are not asked in entrance exams. But the types of questions I encountered in EG had a direct application in all entrance exams. Apart from this, the Quant and LRDI booster program of EG presents to you such a great range of quality questions which you wouldn’t encounter anywhere. So I can proudly say EG brought a difference in my life.

This is all from Monica’s side. Hope you people enjoyed the read, and are liking the series. Stay connected;

we have a lot more in the store for you, pretty people.



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