How much time does it take for a weak student in maths to complete quantitative aptitude for the CAT?

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1. No Fixed Time —The moment you will attach learning with time, You start quantifying it rather than enjoying it. Only one person will say that you will learn Quant in definite time – who is wanting your money for lessons. No Time is fixed. It will always depend on your relentlessness to learn Quant. You will either give your 100% to learn or you won’t. No two persons are same So that will depend on only You. But one thing is fixed – THE MORE YOU TRY – THE MORE YOU WILL LEARN. First step is tough but Once you will start loving that process then all other steps will be easy. “Yes, you can cover basic part of CAT Quant in 3–3.5 Months”.

2. Your interest Level- It all depends on your interest in Quant Also. I know one of my students could manage to learn 2 topics in a day and that too of high level. All were very impressed with his speed. But the secret was his level of interest in those topics so Your interest to learn Quant will decide Your time to learn Quant for Cat.

3. How Well You practice – Your way of learning will also decide the time you gonna take. There is a difference between Practice and Good practice.Good practice means that Your mind should be constantly engaged with your topic at the time of learning. Never Go past a mistake- Stop at once, Learn, Correct it & then move to next Question. If you will just try to increase your number of Question that will not help you in long run. Quality of Practice is far important than quantity of practice. So make sure you are investing enough time with a question & trying to learn something new from that Question.

4. Your dedication – Quant is the easiest topic to learn but the hardest to master in the end. Quant is like a language (Not your mother tongue) , If you don’t practice, You will likely forget it. So Keep investing your time on a daily basis — If you are a non-working guy invest at least 2-3 hours for Quant Section and that one hour should be relentless.

5-Good Mentor- A Good Mentor can teach you the right techniques, Saving you from picking up bad techniques to learn things. A teacher can give you proper guidance at every stage of your preparation. It will always possible to learn Quant without any mentor but a Good mentor can make your work bit easy.

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