CAT 2018 Topper – Jeswin Roy (Overall – 99.79%iler)

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My name is Jeswin Joy. I joined the Elites Grid in January 2018.

In CAT 2017 – I got 82%ile in LRDI and 88%ile in QA last year and an overall 93.xx.

In CAT 2018 – This year I got 99%ile in LRDI and 99.86 in QA with an overall of 99.79.

I was a first batch student & attended almost all the classes. This was possible only because of the Elites Grid. Before joining the classes, I thought aptitude is something one cannot develop. But now I feel that with the right guidance and proper practice, aptitude can be developed.

From January to May, I watched all the classes, completed assignments and practised enough questions. All topics were covered from the basics in the course. The unique methods to tackle each type of questions in QA, a variety of sets and systematic approach to them in LRDI and summarizing the paragraphs & elimination of options in VARC were the main things that helped me to form a strong base. From June, when the mock season started, I started attempting the mocks seriously & I used to analyse the mocks as well. Analysing a mock is equally important. My preparation was not complete but EG team helped me to know where I stand and gave me ample time to analyze and improve the scores. Also, the mock discussions and live attempts by EG faculty helped a lot when I got stuck at some score ranges. Watching Hunny sir scoring 102/102 in a live attempt gave me the confidence to increase my attempts from 20 questions to 30+ questions in QA. It also made me realize what I was doing wrong. Doubt events conducted throughout the year gave exposure to a wide variety of questions and solutions. I am thankful to the whole EG team and the aspirants for helping me achieve 99.79%ile in CAT-18.

I would ask all future aspirants to go through the classes, assignments, mocks and analysis with discipline and focus. You will have to be regular in the classes if you want to succeed. All the best!!!

I got calls from all the top colleges: IIM – A, B & C. All big giants are there in the list. I hope I will convert all of them & make EG team proud of me.

It’s been a great journey with you guys. All the credit goes to you. I hope Elites Grid will keep on doing the great work in the future as well.


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