How is IIFT – KOLKATA. Should You join?

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Hello Everyone,

First of all, Heartiest congratulations to you for converting the college.

Now the big question is – Is it a wise option to join IIFT KOLKATA or not?

We had a discussion with our past year student. He/She is studying in IIFT-Kolkata. Check out his/ her experiences until now.

Ques – How much is it different from IIFT Delhi. I have read a lot so I chose to ask a current student. I have heard that a few companies do not allow IIFT Kolkata students to sit. Are those the major ones?

IIFT K Student –  There are very few companies. Just like 1-2 companies at max. Our juniors got astounding brands since this year the market condition was stupendous. All of them grabbed the best brands and in our finals, it was the fastest placement ever. Our batch got brilliant packages and brands.

Ques – How are the faculties there?

IIFT K Student – Faculties are very good. Trade profs, marketing and fin profs are wonderful

Student’s Ques – Packages are the same for both or different?
IIFT k Student Why will the packages be different? When you sit for placements, It’s not anywhere that you are from Delhi or Kolkata. Your salaries are given by what the company offers for IIFT, not for the different campuses. Sometimes in finals, amount of work experience plays an important role
So if you have greater work experience than Delhi counterpart you will, in fact, get more.

So chill.
All the best

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