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Every year we encounter a lot of queries from different aspirants, some of which are framed as:
I have x % in X, y % in XII and z % in graduation, what percentile do I need to get a call from top IIM?
You may witness some similar questions posted on several dedicated groups and forums, seeking redressal from some bunch of intellectuals.

Before I share the exact procedure to get into an IIM, I want you to retrospect upon your question.If those bunch of intellectuals tells you that with this profile, you need to get 80 percentile, will you stop working hard and chill? Or if they tell you that you need 99 percentile, will you start working, only after hearing this? If yes, then MARK MY WORDS, this is a shoutout for you, you will get admission only if you score 99.99 percentile (sarcasm). Peace. 

Even if they(the intellectuals), tell you the exact percentile needed to get into the top college, CAT is an unpredictable competitive examination, your performance on the d day depends upon several factors. Your academic scores, gender, or your reservation category is not in your hand so it cannot be changed. The only thing that can be changed in the next 8 months is your CAT score. My advice to you is to buckle up and start working hard. Be persistent and expand your horizon every single day. Stop wasting time on such forums and start investing this time in your studies.

Securing a seat in an IIM does not depends only upon your CAT score, it is dependent upon an overall score derived from certain elements which include:

  • -X Marks
  • -XII Marks
  • -Graduation Marks
  • -Work Experience
  • -Education Diversity
  • -Gender Diversity
  • -Reservation category
  • -CAT score.
    Candidates who clear this cut off get a call to appear for Group discussion, personal interview, and Written ability test (WAT) process, which are the final step of the admission process.

Only minimum CAT percentile is published by institution which ranges from 60-90. Criterion to get into each b-school is different, Different weightage is given to elements mentioned above. If you are a person with outstanding academics, IIM Bangalore is a good bet but you need good percentile to get in. If you are someone with poor academics, IIM Calcutta, FMS, MDI can be your target but you need an exceptional CAT score. So, at this stage, the focus should be merely on getting the best percentile by studying for your goal. The question  of college should arise only when you have your CAT score in your hand i.e. in the month of january. Till then, gear up and focus solely on your studies. Stay away from myths.

All the best from elitesgrid team.

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