Amidst all the depression and struggle, I fought and made my father proud by acing CAT


On June 26th, early morning I rushed to hospital with dad. He suffered a Traumatic Brain Injury, last night. Doctor examined and diagnosed his frontal portion of brain was severly damaged. He couldn’t recognise me. It was a critical condition and a craniectomy was needed to be performed. Just before his surgery, I told him “Dad, you want to see me get into a top b-school right? Then you better fight this operation!” To my surprise, he showed me 👍.

After leaving a hectic job in Business development last month and post this incident, I was in a dilemma where should I focus on? I could see all the odds against me. I decided to give my all for CAT 2019.
I joined an online classroom coaching (ElitesGrid) and gave my all. For the next few weeks, my routine was
 Get up->Solve Assignments->Hospital->Lunch-Sectional->Hospital->Class->Sleep.
Soon dad returned but few functions he couldnt perform(memory retention, talking) I doubled my efforts. Everyday I would read HINDU Newspaper, HBR, give sectionals.

I could see my Aimcat Score touching 130+ constantly. My bed was completely occupied with notebooks, laptop, pens, stopwatch, etc. I occupied a tiny space to rest my body. My prep was the only hope left. I found peace in that. Moving forward, CAT 2019 was on 23rd November and dad’s cranioplasty was scheduled on 21st November. 2 days before the exam again in that hospital with another operation. I took a book and started revising in the reception, between the crowd.
Finally D Day SLOT 1 got over.
I couldn’t have attempted the questions any better!! I didn’t feel my prep lacked anything when I was standing outside the gate of my examination centre just before CAT exam.

 Dad’s cranioplasty was successful and much better now.


Amidst all the depression, self-doubt and falling confidence this voice -“Sab All Panelists and Attendees me change krlo” gave me HOPE. I’m indebted to Hunny Sir and Gaurav Sir.

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