Can I crack CAT? I am an average student. Should I prepare for CAT 2020? Here’s my journey & I got 99.55 in CAT 2019.


Hi everyone. Let me introduce myself first. I’m an average guy who joined EG back in April 2019, with an aspiration to get into some of the premier B-schools this country has to offer, and with no idea of how to get there. And by average, I do mean average (not an academically gifted student) with procrastination my middle name. I joined EG when one of my seniors suggested me to go forward with the team. I contemplated a lot about joining the team and with my only apprehension being that I had not heard much about them. And boy did I worry in vain!

I clearly remember the first day as clear as yesterday, when on 18th of April I attended the Set theory class. I wasn’t sure how other people were able to grasp the concepts so easily while I asked the silliest of doubts possible. With each doubt put forward, I got an enthusiastic reply from Hunny Malhotra EG sir, Sushant Kohli sir and Gaurav Kapoor sir. Moreover, they did not move ahead till the time I was at par with the rest of the class. This same enthusiasm continued till the D-day and the unwavering support I received has been the sole reason for the result I’ve managed.

My laziness somehow vanished during my preparation and I made it a point to stick to the assignments, class discussions and mock discussions religiously. The last leg of the journey made me realise what I could possibly attain. The marathon booster and revision sessions percolated so deep into my mind that I could recite out the formulas, nuances related to a particular question, short cuts and all that arsenal without even batting an eye. I’m not sure about what other institutes might have to offer, but I’m willing to bet everything that I’ve got that it cannot be in anyway even close to what EG has to offer. Nobody can come close to the personal attention that you get here at EG and I honestly believe that that is what makes or breaks your hope to bell the CAT.

I can understand that my words might not have much weightage without much to show for it. So, to bring matter into perspective, here are some of the highlights of my mocks.

1st mock- SIMCAT 7- 81 score.

5th mock- AIMCAT 2012- 115 score

24th mock- AIMCAT 2003- 143 score

28th mock- SIMCAT 15- 156 score

CAT 2019- 170.94 (99.55 percentile)

I hope that my experience during this whole journey would at least be of some use to anyone who has painstakingly read this whole review.

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