CAT 2020 Reminder : Match your actions to your goal


Do you want to clear CAT 2020?
Do you want to land up into a top-notch b-school?
Do you want to see your name/picture on elitesgrid hoarding, stating topper of the year?
Do you want to make your parents proud?

Are you actually working for it?

This is the first reminder for CAT 2020, where I want you to ask yourself the following questions.

– Have you even started studying?
– if yes, how many hours are you devoting towards your dream?
– do you think, this amount of effort can lead you towards your dream destination?
– do you think you can match the top 1% with this effort?

Today, take an hour break and have a closer look at your day to day activities.
Let’s check, where are you spending your precious time? To be precise, What all activities are you involved in?
Are those activities taking you towards or away from your goal?
Remember just setting up a goal, does not make you stand ahead of the crowd, working diligently towards the target does.

-Take a closer look at your day to day activity.
-Make a new time table.
-Set your weekly or daily goals.
-Challenge your potential.
– Make a full fledged strategy for CAT 2020.
-Improvise daily.
-Hustle, at the end only this matters.

Your vision will be clear only when you look inside your heart, those who look outside dream , but those who look inside awakens and achieves. The distance between your dream and reality is action.Now,  match your actions to your goal. Be sure, to make every minute count. CAT seems to be far away but trust me, it is much closer.The effort you put in today has the potential to change your life. Journey matters more than the destination. Start hustling.
All the best.
Team elites grid.

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