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My journey with EG started in April 2019. I was not sure of taking CAT and just gave it casually in 2018, to see where I stand and ended up with 89.xx percentile, LRDI being the worst at about 78 only. A friend told me about this online platform and coaching centre in October 2018, and I started following their Facebook page to see the kind of content they provide and honestly, my mind was blown when I saw their YouTube LRDI content. I said to myself, whatever their result is, I have to join this coaching only. With the kind of support and content they provide for free, just think the amount of honesty and hard work they would put in for a regular classroom student. And I was not wrong, just after the first classes of LRDI, QA and VARC, I was happy with my decision. Good result or not, I did not regret my decision of joining Elitesgrid even a single ounce.

Hunny Malhotra EG, you are the soul of EG. The honesty you put into your teaching is beyond words. Just when a student thinks that ‘this is it, classes are over, and I am on my own now’, there you are at every single step guiding us to the right path. When you said that the journey would matter more than the destination, I do realize that now. Any sincere student just cannot go wrong with you as a mentor. “Aap to Ek murde me bhi jaan fukke usse CAT crack krwaa denge”. This is the type of personality and talent you have.

Gaurav Kapoor Sir, I am short of words when I think about the effort you put in covering each and every type of set, be it the level, topics or practice. If anybody feels that LRDI can’t be learned or improved, join the EG. I also joined EG after seeing your Youtube playlist. Hats off to the teaching style and content Sir 😀 Aur baaki to aap hero h hi…charche bahut h aapke..log join krenge hi 😛

VARC can be the biggest hurdle for students, even if you are a 99th percentiler. But, It CAN BE IMPROVED. With EG, you can. Sushant Kohli and Shahzar Khan, you have made VARC just another subject that can be taught and students can improve.


“Syllabus to sab cover krwa denge but support akhri tak EG hi krega.”

VARC – 96.03, QA – 96.73, LRDI – 95.15
OA: 97.72

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