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LR DI section of CAT is unconventional, and one needs a separate strategy to deal with this section. You will never get replicas of sets you are practising now, the questions you will encounter in CAT examination will be different. So, LR DI is all about the analytical skill set, some people possess it by birth, so it’s easy for them, but for some, it is quite tricky, they need to develop it with rigorous practice on a regular basis. This will take time, but after this, no one could stop you. Remember, practice is the key to ace this section.
Whenever you start solving a puzzle, follow these steps :

1. Rate it and categorize it into low, medium or high difficulty set. (This will help you in set selection during mock and examination)
2. Always look for the key point or the repetitive keyword, in spite of working from the first statement.
3. Figure out the best way to represent the given condition; this is the major step to eradicate redundancy and reduce time.
4. For some question, answer options can prove to be of great help, especially in unconventional sets where you have to make cases, so keep your eyes open when you start a set.
5. Never jump on solutions, brainstorm yourself and solve it on your own without checking solution. The solution can give you a better way to solve that set, but seeing them without investing proper time will kill your learning from the particular set.

In LR DI number of sets matter, but solving them and improving your skills about how to tackle a different problem with different methodology is critical.

Syllabus of LR DI is as follows :

  • Linear seating arrangement
  • Circular seating arrangement.
  • Matrix arrangement
  • Selection
  • Binary logic
  • Games and tournament
  • Set theory
  • Routes and network
  • Logical reasoning puzzles
  • Mathematical reasoning puzzles
  • Mixed and miscellaneous type of puzzles

These are some of the basic topics you need to cover until June.

If you have not joined any coaching, start with time booklets basic ones, it contains easier sets to make your base, and then move to elites grid youtube channel. Elites grid Lrdi playlist for CAT can be treated as the bible of CAT.  Also, you can check Elites grid Facebook page where Gaurav sir post sets on a regular basis. This will acquaint you with the CAT level LR DI sets  and bring you one step closer to your dream.

While solving Youtube puzzles, as I said earlier, never check the solution before trying it for 3-4 times, so pause the videos and solve them before moving to the solutions. You must learn to invest time with each question and develop your analytical skills. You will see gradual improvement or no improvement in the beginning phase, never quit. It will take time, but once you develop the skill set, you are unstoppable.

All the best.

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