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MDI interview experience

Document Verification
Documents required –
-Class X mark sheet
-Class XII mark sheet
-Grad Score Cards
-Work Ex Proof
-CAT Score Card

Group Discussion –  Smartphones: Enablers or disablers of education

Personal interview :

P 1: Please take the seat.

P 2: So “Rahul” tell me about yourself?
I talk about my life after college. My tryst with family business. My debating and film making hobbies etc etc

P 2: Wait a second. Family business you said right? Matlab for 2 years you were preparing for CAT? Is this your first attempt.
Me: Yes mam

P 2: Sure? Turns to the next panelist. I think he must have got something like 95 percentile. How much would you bet he has got?
P 1: somewhere around 92.
P 2: so how much did you get?
Me: 99.15 ma’am. (Absolute poker faced trying not to smile)

P 2: so tell me about the business.

P 2: Tell me about your learning from business
Explained a type of pricing strategy I implemented.

P 2: This is rubbish. “Isse thodi kuch farak padega?”
Me: Ma’am in my observation making the customer feel that they are making a smart choice helps in converting sales. Psychological effect is pronounced in direct sales.

P 2 turns to P 1: arre this guy knows everything. Please then go back to your business. You are good enough for business. Why waste money here?
Explained that I am only exposed to local knowledge and want to know more about business.

P 2: arre thats all rubbish. MBA teaches you nothing. You already have all the practical knowledge. Ok tell me apart from money what else would you give up to study MBA.

Me: Mam the financial aspect is there. Apart from the cost of MBA there is a time value opportunity of money that I will let go.

P 2: what is time value of money?

P 2: Break down the page into two parts and one one side do ROI of investing in business and on the other side do ROI of studying in MDI

Did some bullshit analysis.

P 2: i think investing in business is better. Thats it I have no more questions.

P 1: Google ka naam sunha hai?
Me: (awestruck) Yes sir. It is a search engine.

P 1: Only a search engine?
Me: No sir it has lots of applications and cloud servers and it is a tech major company.

P 1: How does Google do business?
Me: Sorry sir, let me clarify, are you asking me how does google make money?

P 1: No. Why do you use GMAIL and not Yahoo mail.
Explained the simplicity of design and Organizational aspect of gmail.

P 2: That means you are lazy. Do you think technology has made more lazy people like you?

Me: I don”t see it from that perspective. I think I gravitate to tools that make my life easier so that I can concentrate on things that make me more productive.Mankind has made giant leaps from being hard manual laborers to masters of machine. It is not to propel our laziness but to increase our productivity.

P 2: Its rubbish. Mankind is by nature lazy. We like to be lazy. I don’t agree with you.


P 2: Any questions for us?
Me: I would love to be in sales and marketing? What is unique about MDI program that makes it attractive especially in that domain.

P 2: Kuch nahi. Its a rigorous theory course. You should focus on theory. If not better go back to your business.

Again WTF moment.

Thank you. Turns to P 1 : Nice entertaining conversation we had no?

Absolute Mind Fuck.

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