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MDI interview Experience
B School – MDI Gurgaon
Location – Pai Viceroy, Bangalore
Date and Time – 04/03/2020 1:00 PM Slot
Profile – X/XII/Grad/CAT – 94/95/8.90/98.25. 18 months of work ex in IT and Analytics.|

Step 1 Document Verification
-No nonsense processes. Simple and Quick. Documents required –
-Class X mark sheet
-Class XII mark sheet
-Grad Score Cards
-Work Ex Proof
-CAT Score Card
No other certificates were asked for or verified against.

Step 2 WAT and GD 
Yes, MDI is one of those colleges that has both WAT and a GD. Time allocated for each is 15 min. Topics are the same.

“My WAT/GD Topic – Reducing defense expenditure and increasing social expenditure is the way forward for India.
Decent WAT and GD. In the GD, it appeared that we were a little short on content. However, it was well organized, and we concluded before the panel asked us to”.

Step 3 Personal interview
Personally, it was a good experience for me. Though I had a lot of ‘I don’t know’s, the interview went well, IMO. I was 8th (out of 9) on my panel. Following is a brief overview of my interview experience –

The discussion started off with The Voyager and how deep space satellites and spaceships communicate with earth. I spoke briefly about radio wave communication and power antennas. The discussion then moved towards how these missions are powered, and what their source of energy is. I spoke about solar energy – when they’re in range – and nuclear and fuel cell based energy otherwise. A discussion on fuel cells and its working followed. All I knew was that electrolysis of water generated energy and spoke about the same. I was further probed on the working, at which point I said that I didn’t know any better.
Then we spoke about Chandrayaan 2 and why/how the communication with the lander was lost. Again, I only knew it on the surface and spoke about it briefly. I could throw in some jargon about hard and soft breaking and how during the soft breaking, due to physical mis-alignment communication was lost.
I was then asked about how India could take advantage of China’s lapse in global economy. I spoke about how the precedent has already been set with Vietnam and Bangladesh and that India could pick up the chips in the manufacturing space. Here I was pushed considerably, and one of the panelists constantly disagreed with what I had to say. He kept asking, besides mfg. and electronics, where can India fill the gap, to which I had no solid answer. But I was confident with what I knew and stuck to my idea. At this point, the panelist looked impressed and said, “you are confident – why do you want to do an MBA?” I flipped it over and spoke about why confidence helps in an MBA and how I want to build a career bringing together all my experience and interests.
Later, the discussion shifted to my hobbies, where I had mentioned – without much thought – dramatics. I was asked to name some of Shakespeare’s dramas. I mentioned As you like it, RJ, Othello – at which point the other panelist asked me the name of the Hindi movie based on Othello. I had no clue! She asked me the Hindi movie based on Hamlet – to which I had no answer either. I was then asked about the movie where Saif Ali Khan won the best villain award. Again, no answer. But this was all light hearted, and I was enjoying saying, ‘I don’t know!’ 😛 Then I was asked about what climax, anti-climax and catharsis were. I was able to respond to these.

Finally, I was asked about what I do in my spare time – and I spoke about my interest in analytics and how I was working with a local municipal body for exploring the capabilities of analytics in addressing societal issues.
On my way out, I was offered a candy!

I was indeed pushed around a little but believe I did well to hold my thoughts and answer the questions coherently.
Let me know if you have any queries or seek further clarification! Happy to Help 😀
Cheers to MDI.

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