My journey from 74 to 96.24%iles in CAT. If I can do that then anyone can. Here’s my story.


I started my first preparations for CAT in 2016 with preparations from TIME Tambaram. The score was 74 percentile. I used to think CAT was as easy as any objective placement test, but to my wonder, it wasn’t. My dream shattered and I shifted to Bangalore to continue working with Infosys. I gave another attempt and improved my performance until 85 percentile. Though I was happy on my improvement, I wasn’t eligible for any IIM. This dream of getting a good IIM made me focus more and I commenced me another year of preparations. Elites grid wasn’t there known to me. ….Fast forward to another year and I worked my Jack off to score 91 percentile. But then oops GEM and not clearing the cut off for most important section for me DILR, I was shattered again. My friends had got into IIMs and had already completed their previous placement and had jobs worth 20lpa. But was I down? Was I hopeless…Affirmative captain. It was bound to happen. I guess it was Niraj or maybe someone else who told me that our very own Gaurav Kapoor was a wizard in DILR. To my wonder when I checked his YouTube videos I was broken again. I felt as If I had missed something very important in my life until now regarding DILR. Trust me more Gaurav sir when I say this. If I had taken Elitesgrid classes last year, I might have called you from an IIM now.

Worries villa now. I joined EG aka Hunny Malhotra EG sir and Gaurav sirs classes. Joining Elitesgrid was the only best decision last year I guess. Though I missed a few classes the ways in which DILR booster and Quant booster helped me is beyond explanations. Hunny Malhotra sir your voice was my alarm tone. Gaurav sir yours and Hunny sirs voice was more often heard by my family members than mine. I hope you understand the importance you had until now.

All credits to both of you.

Jahapana tusi great ho. Tofu kabbol karo.

Cat journey –74–>85–>91–>96.24

Overall –>96.24

QA–> 96.84

To all future CAT takers. Bow down to my heroes Hunny Malhotra and Gaurav Kapoor and surrender yourself to them. Follow all they say and success would be yours.

As Hunny sir says…RAB RAKHA!!

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