My journey started with a 42 percentile in my first mock and in CAT 2019, I got 97 percentiles. Miracles do happen if you work hard. Here’s my journey with EG.


EG is a platform where your each and every query will be solved. The way of teaching of Hunny sir, as well as Gaurav sir, is implausible. The best part of eg is that you can revise your classes wherever you want no matter if you are at home, office or travelling. My office timing was 3 pm – 12.30 am so I was not able to attend live classes but I use to attend the classes whenever I want to. Just remember one thing no matter what attend all the classes and don’t pile up the classes. It will be more than enough and complete all the assignments given my faculties.

For VA-practice is the key. Be focus and practice as much as RC as well as cr to improve your accuracy. Accuracy plays an important role in varc. And shahzar sir will continuously help you in improving your va score.
Hunny sir will continuously motivate you no matter you are scoring 45 or 50 percentile in your mocks.
I got 42 percentile in my first mock and with the help of faculties, there was continuous improvement in my mock score which help me to heave my confidence.

Gaurav sir has continuously helped me to improve my LRDI score. His way of teaching was such that it made difficult sets of LRDI easy to solve with his ingenious methods.
Overall all the faculties of EG has helped me to do improve my cat percentile.
It was a great journey and I am proud to be a part of eg family¬†❤️

CAT2019 – 97%iles.

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