Online classes don’t attract me much? Will they be able to help me clear CAT? Check my preparation journey with EG.


I was in the third year of college when it stuck me what I was doing with my life. All my classmates were taking off to Ace Hyderabad for Gate coaching. I hated engineering stream and I was sure I did not want to further study anything related to it. That’s when I heard the local Time institute is giving scholarship through the exam. Decided to try my luck and got a huge fee waiver and joined. 3 classes there and I felt it’s not gonna go anywhere (no offence to them, it was where everything started). And then came CAT 2016 where my seniors wrote it. After seeing their results and selection I felt maybe CAT is not for averagely talented ppl like us. Got placed in a decent MNC and quit all sorts of preparation. Wrote CAT 2017 (88.88)
Then came 2018, again half-hearted attempts and preparation (84.9). It was then I heard one of my friend’s brother was preparing with EG, I dismissed it because online coaching didn’t make much sense to me, as most were just a sham. But then that guy got a whooping 99.8 and he was telling about a teacher named Hunny Malhotra. He told this particular sir would teach you concepts such a way that you’ll feel you had been learning Maths the wrong way all your life.
Decided to give EG a try and watched a YouTube video of set theory by Hunny Sir. That was when I realised, this could finally be the Messiah in disguise.
Joined the second batch. I was particularly weak in LRDI. In the initial 4-5 mocks, I could barely solve more than 1 set. (I’ve even got a negative). But towards the last mocks, I was easily solving 4-5 sets. Many people will tell you how awesome Hunny sir is (he is 101%) but for many ppl like us, Gaurav Sir was an angel. Whether its classes or going to inbox for support.
I was somewhat okay in VARC. But even then, I prepared with EG only. I attended or watched every single one of Sushants sir classes and Shazar sirs couple of classes. Trust me, those classes and mocks were my sole preparation for VARC.
And back to Hunny sir. I’m from Kerala and many ppl here do not know Hindi(my mother for instance). But every evening they used to hear “beta change to all panellist and attendees” and they would tell “we now have to suffer 2 hours of this torture”. I would tell them, this is the best teacher who has ever taught me. The classes, the tricks, the motivation till 7:00 am before CAT day is something I’ll never forget.
My result is not what I hoped for or prepared myself for –
But I do not have regrets because I have truly enjoyed this CAT journey with EG. Life is not a wish-granting factory. If anything, I’ve learned to be optimistic about life from my teachers.

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