Preparation Journey with EG For CAT 2019 By Kanishka Khunteta | CAT Percentile – 99.68.


Hi all. Today I would like to share my journey with elites grid.
When I decided to take online coaching I had only one concern that online coaching doesn’t provide that one to one mentoring with teacher as offline coaching do then my friend suggested elites grid to me and when I checked their public group and YouTube channel, I saw the dedication and patience of Hunny sir and Gaurav sir and I thought if they are doing this much for non-enrolled students, what would they do for enrolled students. Believe me guys they do a lot more for their students, I haven’t seen this much dedication in any teacher in my life.
Throughout my preparation, whenever I felt demotivated or distracted. I looked at Hunny sir, Gaurav sir, Sushant sir posts and updates and thought that these guys can work so hard to take 12 hours classes straight with so much patience and still clearing everyone’s doubt, I can at least work 10% of their hard work. And that 10% has brought me here

Overall-99.68 percentile
VA- 99.39 percentile
LRDI-99.81 percentile
QA- 96.01 percentile

If my 10% has resulted in this. Imagine the effort put by the amazing faculty here at elites grid. Thank you so much for this success Hunny sir Gaurav sir Sushant sir Gunjan sir. Keep doing the great work. 😊

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