Should I trust online coaching for my CAT preparation?Here’s my preparation journey with EG.


I never joined any online classes to be precise I never trusted online coaching classes.

PS – I never knew anyone from EG.

When I thought of preparing for CAT just three months before I was directionless when I searched for a few videos I found this guy Gaurav Kapoor on youtube the way he used to explain was so beautiful that I decided to play this gamble and I joined the third batch of EG and trust me I never looked back.

My journey with these two beautiful human beings Hunny Malhotra EG and Gaurav Sir has been a roller coaster. Let me tell you exactly how I feel. I stay far away from my home alone and I feel homesick. When you will start preparing for cat it won’t be just about your preparation there are 100 other factors which will affect your preparation the motivation, guidance trust me when you come back from your hectic tiring schedule and when you’ll switch on your laptop to attend the class when honey sir will say beta everything will fall into place. Although I never interacted much with them the way honey sir and Gaurav sir will teach will not once make you feel you’re preparing for one of the toughest battles. They are my heroes. I will forever admire how you guys chose a profession that put countless others before yourself, and even with that, you always made me feel like I was doing well. Truth be told, all your students felt that way. Hunny Malhotra Sir Making you proud was something I always aimed to do because I knew I was an extension of you, and I wanted you to know that your impact on me didn’t end the minute I left your class.

I learned a lot from Honey sir I watched him work as hard as he could every day no matter how exhausted he was.
Initially, I thought it won’t be possible for an average student like me to even get close to this score ( verbal-91.9, DILR-81.83, Quant-93.04 OA-92.49 percentile) I didn’t score well but I gained the confidence to try once again. And trust me you need that confidence.

Thank you. Thank you for every lesson, a piece of advice, and vote of encouragement. You guys were never “just a teacher.”

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