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XLRI interview
Location: Mumbai
Date: 14th of March.

Unlike other colleges, XLRI does not require you to bring different documents; you just need to carry your Aadhaar card and note your X.A.T ID.

My GD topic at XLRI was-

 “As you compared to our previous generation, youth today are not worried about monetary benefits.”

P 1: Good Morning Kaiwalya. Tell me, what does your name mean.

P 1: What do you do in ZS?

P 2: Tell me about some ratios in Analytics
He clarified financial / banking ratios
Told him about SLR, debt to equity, CRR, etc. 

P 1: So, do you work in financial analytics?
No sir, my client is a fortune 500 Pharma firm.

P 2: What kind of business decisions you help your clients to take?
Answered – Sales force effectiveness, Marketing channels, Call planning and Incentive compensation etc.

P 1: So what do you know about incentive compensation?
Told, but clarified that there’s a specific team for it and I don’t work in that team.

Then, they started asking pharma questions.

P 1: Which company’s stock you think would uptake now?
Answered: Roche, owing to their approval of ractemera for Corona in the Chinese market
He smiled

P 1: Explain a Placebo.
Explained in a detailed manner along with double-blind trial.

P 1: Where do you think field trials are made?
Explained about clinical trials, Told them that they happen in Europe as well as Africa.
They said no it doesn’t happen in Europe.

Politely disagreed and said I’ve seen clinical trials being conducted in Europe for my client.

P 1: What is the Nocebo effect?
Don’t know sir.

P 1: Do you know about US pharma patent laws?
Told, yes somewhat.

P 1 What’s a breach of patent

He said what’s the penalty amount called as?
I said I don’t know the exact term. But there’s some compensation which has to be paid.

*It is damage amount* and not *compensation*, he clarified

P 2: So you talked about civilization in GD. Tell me when was the phase of hunter-gatherers,-
Explained properly. Also spoke about Harappa, Mesopotamia, Mayan civilization, Egyptian etc.

P 1: When do you think you can call a group a civilization
Answered – When they have a similar set of values, common goals, convictions, developments, culture etc.

P 2: So you’re a mechanical engineer
What subject do you like the most?
I said Refrigeration and Air conditioning

Then a series of questions

1) what are common refrigerants – Answered about R 11, R 112, NH 3 etc.
2) What is sensible heat – Answered
3) How would you heat up an Igloo with a refrigerator?
Answered and explained the overall working of the VCR cycle with this context
4) What are these refrigerants
Tell me composition
Answered about CFC formula

Told them that I don’t know the exact matrix but told them that it was something around CnF2n etc

5) Tell me why CFC are not used?
Explained effect on climate etc

P 1: What are its alternatives.
Said can’t recollect
Then he inadvertently talked about PFC and HFC
Took a cue from that and told about Hydro Fluorocarbon and Per Fluorocarbon
He asked me which specific law which banned the use of CFC?
Said don’t know sir

P 1: Drew a parabola and asked me an equation of it
Then he asked me what if we shift /tilt
Explained that too with origin shift concept

Then he gave me another equation with a mod and asked to plot it
Plotted that

P 2: So, what are your hobbies?
I said I like to read books and write poems

What kind of books?
Said history mythology fiction

Curiously, he said historical fiction? What’s it?
Gave an example of Amish Tripathi

P 2 : Who was Samudragupta?

Who was his successor?

What was the name of the empire and dynasty?

What was it’s capital?
Told today’s Patna. I couldn’t recollect the name *Patliputra* at that time.
Then he said Aaj Kal k bachho k lie history Matlab Amish Tripathi and Devdutt Pattnaik Hota hai bas( He literally said this in Hindi)

I got triggered.

First clarified that I don’t necessarily agree with Devdutt Pattnaik’s views. I read it for the perspective and then talked about Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni’s books. Further clarified that I read all the sides of it.

He said: So, she puts up a feminist perspective in every historical tale
I said yes, so that’s her style. I read Chitra Banerjee, as well as Amish. I read rightist as well as leftist views.Unless I read from all perspectives, how would I go to the depths of it and form my own?

Explained this very nicely about even if there exist biased book still, it helps you to shape your perspective.
He was impressed and said good.

P 2: Okay thank you.
You may leave now.
That is all for my XLRI interview. It went on for almost 30-35 mins.
XLRI results are not out yet, will update it once its out. 

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