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CAP / New IIM interview experience
Date -13.02.2020

Venue- Novotel, Kolkata
When you reach at the venue, you will be divided into small groups.You will be asked to switch off your phone and keep it in the bag and keep your bags at the corner of the hall.

Step 1-Document Verification

Documents Required-
1. CAP Profile Data Form
2. CAT Score Card
3. Original Mark sheets of X, XII, Grad
4. Work ex proof like payslip
5. Extra-Curricular Certificates supporting what you ticked in the form

If You don’t have any document, you can fill an acknowledgement form and provide it afterwards.

Step 2- WAT (20 mins)

In the same hall, you will be given a rule paper ( single sheet) and WAT Topic to write upon. Timer will be started and a bell will rung at the end of 20 mins.

My WAT topic was- “If Business Education is at crossroads, which road will you choose?” (300 words)

The assessment will be based upon clarity of thoughts, richness of ideas etc.. When your WAT sheets are taken, you will send in different halls  in the same groups fot PI round..In my case there were 3 halls and at a time 3 candidates were being sent.You need to take your originals certificates again to the interviewers.

*Tip- Please switch off your phone and keep in your bag and not with you in the pocket. You will know why I am stressing on this after you read the PI section.

Step 3- Personal interview
2 interviewers – Both males

*As soon as I entered*

May I come in sir?
They- We already called you, you don’t need to ask again. Come sit down ( this was rude but I was prepared hearing other reviews).

After I sat down sudden attack on me in a startling voice – Is there a phone in your pocket. Are you carrying a phone in the file ( the file I was carrying) that you have brought?
I firmly said “No sir, looking at his eyes.”
He said are you sure?
I said yes sir confidently.(I knew I had left it in my bag)
He said show me your file.
I said here it is sir.Showed him the file. He then normalized.

He then asked me tell me something not there in the resume.
I told I have been a part time faculty member as well supporting my family during tough times.

How much did you get?
I said 15000 per month.
So you were earning 500 per day. So how many days did you teach?
I said sir I had alternate batches so i taught 6 days a week after my college got over till 9 o clock at night.

He then asked me Why MBA?

You have Work ex? Does your boss know you are here?
I said yes sir. He knows.
So he didn’t say anything.
I said he supported me when I broke the news to him and wished me good luck for today.

So is your boss a leader or a manager?

What is the difference between a leader and a manager?

Now the second person asked what do you do in your organisation?
Answered.Explained him inch by inch how mine modelling, mine operations and planning is done?

He then asked me what is open cast mine? ( ABCD question of mining)

So there is a fire in Jharia Coalfield.How did that happen? What steps are being taken?
Told about British Era Mining Flaws, Spontaneous heating property of coal that led to fire and how scientist are working on it.

Ok tell me how many subsidiaries Coal India Has?
Told 7+1 i.e 8 ( 1 is a planning division, others are for operations)

Where is Headquarter of Coal India?
I said here only at Newtown,Kolkata Just across the road few 100 m away.

He said yes yes I saw that.
Ok you can now go.
So all in all I think it went good.
Let’ see what CAP/ IIM interview brings to  me, hope for the best.

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