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SP JAIN Interview / SP JAIN admission process.
Choice of Specialization – Information Management (IM)
Location – The Pride Hotel, Bangalore
Date – 12/02/2020
Slot – 12 Noon
Reporting Time – 10.30 AM
I reached at the venue by 10 AM for SP jain interview, and the WAT process for 11 AM slot was in progress. After waiting for an hour, we were called in for the Document Verification and WAT processes.

Step 1 – Document Verification

Everyone was handed out a form where we had to fill in CAT/XAT/GMAT Scores, X, XII, and Grad Scores, and a maximum of 5 ECs. All of this will be verified against the originals.
Original Documents Needed –
CAT Score Card

X, XII and Grad Score Cards
Certificates for the 5 mentioned ECs 
Work Ex Proof (Joining Letter, and Pay Slip for Jan’2020 or the latest month for which you were paid)
While photocopies were not asked, it doesn’t hurt to have a set in place.

Step 2 – WAT + Psychometric Test

Psychometric Test –m, and substantia Behavioral Question with options like – Always, Never, Sometimes. There are 2 sets of 10 questions each, and you need answer all 20 of them, with your choice for 3 from each of the sets (6 in all).

WAT – The topic will typically be something personal. Topics on current affairs, or trending ideas are rare.

WAT topic – If you could spend a day in someone else’s shoe – whose would it be?

Step 3 – Group Interview 1 (GI 1)

We were segregated into groups of 5/6 and led to our panels. The interviewees would typically be from across all 4 specializations. My panel had 6 candidates – 2 Fin (C1, C2), 3 Marketing (C3, C4, C5) and Me (C6). Here’s a gist of the interview (there’s no point in talking about specific questions, as it is highly subjective, and will vary dramatically) –

We were all told aspects of our profiles that the panelists were aware about, and then asked to introduce ourselves with something apart from what they already knew. I started off, and each of the candidates gave their answers. It helps to have a pre-conceived answer for this question. Follow up questions were asked based on Your profiles and work-ex. There was some discussion on fin basics, demand – supply, and marketing. I was asked to talk about my work and there were a few follow up questions based on that. That concluded GI 1.

Tip – It pays to know about your work, choice of specialization and related areas. The interviewers will focus on trying to figure out if there’s clarity in your thoughts and choices, or if you’ve just filled in something at random. Don’t fret over numbers and facts – it’s not what they’re looking for.

Two of us (a candidate from Marketing and me) from GI 1 were shortlisted for GI 2.

Step 4 – Group Interview 2 (GI 2)

Trust me, when you read anecdotes saying “nothing about GI 2 is predictable” – it means what it says. There is no way for you to know how this round goes.
We were asked for our introductions again, and based on the answer from one of the candidates’, a discussion on introverts and extroverts followed and all of us were asked to share our opinions.
The discussion then shifted to “a quality you don’t want in your life partner” and how we would go about figuring it out. Again, all of us made some points.
Finally, we were asked about a “wow” moment in our lives.
Everyone spoke about their professional/academic achievements, while I choose to bring up my first scuba diving experience. (Honestly, it was a real “wow” moment for me!) That concluded GI 2, and we could ask the panelists questions, if we had any.
Tip – It helps to have some ideas in mind. Try and have a list of incidents you might want to talk about and gather your thoughts on a few personal and social issues. Spontaneity might make or break your case here, so have your thoughts in place.

Step 5 If you’ve made it this far, Congratulations!, You have made through the sp jain interview . Collect a pen drive, talk to the AdCom if you have something to ask or say and leave!
It is indeed an enjoyable experience and something you should look forward to!
My advice – SMILE! There’s nothing that works like it! 😊
All the very best folks! Let me know if you have any other queries or seek more information about SP Jain interview.

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