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SCHMRD BA interview  experience
Date – February 16th 2020
Reporting time 8 am.

From the start till the end, the entire experience of WAT-GE-PI was just amazing.
Kudos to the volunteers and the entire team of SCHMRD.

There was a small induction in the beginning post in which basic documents like the GE wat pi call letter and others were verified.

Post this the TAT started. The technical ability test had 5 sections with questions from Statistics, PNC, linear equations, pseudo coding, graphs, histograms etc

Post TAT, 30 mins of WAT was conducted.
The first topic was – “The main point is that Robots are going to be better than us”.

The next was a pictorial WAT, there were 2 pictures which were to be combined and written.

The group exercise was conducted in groups of 6/7.
The first GE was on the topic  –

“Agrarian crisis, death of farmers and the Governments initiative to solve the probl of doubling the income of farmers by 2022”.The second

GE had 7 news topics and each individual was given 1 minute to talk on their individual 4 selection and the group had to discuss about 4 different topics as a group. We were allowed to use sketch pens, chart papers, markers and anything else. We used the markers and created 4 posters stating the topics we chose. It was highly applauded and members in the team credited me for the initiative.

This had already boosted my confidence and the PI was the last leg left. There were 2 panelists P 1, P 2.

P 1- Where are you from and what do you do
Ans- I am working with Infosys and stay in Bangalore

P 1- Do you work at electronic city
Ans- Affirmative sir, but my project is in client location, the income tax project.

P 2- So you stay in electronic city?
Ans – No sir there is traffic problem, hence I stay a bit far.

P 1- So what measures can be taken to reduce this.
Ans- 2 methods. First the constitution of metros and others should be done in parts of city. Targeting the residential areas first so that there starts a use of metro in north western parts of Bangalore and then start the construction in the areas which are encroached with IT companies. Second the constitution in the areas near companies can be done in late night around 1am -4 am which would reduce traffic congestion and also improve the metro construction. This was given against the BDAs construction in all the parts of the city at once.

P 2– How is your career going to change with BA and MBA- told

P 1- Take this case study and give us a solution- gave few points in how to use 2 parts of the budget and save 1 part.

P 2- Do you have any National level certificate
Showed them the IEEE certificate and my take on robotics.

Okay have a great day ahead

Overall a great experience, still fingers crossed.!!
SCHMRD offers a unique interview process. Be prepared for it.

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