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IIM Lucknow SM experience
Date – 18/02/2020
Location – Bangalore

As soon as you enter, they tell you to check your panel. I was in panel 5. The document verification, WAT and personal interview are conducted according to the panel number. The personal details form was taken and the marks of 10th, 12th, work experience details were verified with the originals.

The topic for WAT was

” Artificial Intelligence is going to make human labor redundant” -15 mins and strict 300 words.

I wrote about the use of AI in
– hospitals – better post operative care due to state of the art architecture and data.
– mining – lesser casualties and fatalities in deep mines and reduction in manual scavenging.
– finance – ways in which economic slowdown is predicted and necessary steps are taken.
– political – role of AI in US elections which reduced manual door to door campaigns .

I did go for the motion but also stated that not all labor would be removed. Places like teaching, consulting, psychologist etc. would need more emotional quotient and hence open up job opportunities.
Better coders would be required to code robots.

Interview – 9 mins sharp.

I was the last one on my panel to get interviewed.
P 1 – and P 2

P 1 – Where are you from
Ans – Jamshedpur

P 2 – Is your father in TISCO or TATA MOTORS.
Ans – He worked as a senior branch manager in BOB and therefore I had to travel frequently in the Bihar Jharkhand region.

P 1 – Okay, so where did you do your school from?
Ans – I initially thought I would tell them the names of all the 9 schools I have been to, but later changed the idea and told only my High school name.

P 2 – So what did you do after school?
Ans- I started my answer to tell me about yourself. i told them about my work experiences, my area at work, my college and how robotics was an interest pursued. I was going to tell about my hobbies when P2 interfered.

P 2 – So why PGP-SM from IIM Lucknow?

P 1 – Since he got the call. Isn’t it?
Ans – I told them about what sustainability is, how I have been incorporating it in life. I told my interest in the program and explained to them about aquaponics and how I shall turn it into a venture soon.

P 2 – Do you know anything about the roles offered or have you spoken to any seniors?
Ans – I told them about the roles of business manager, risk management and others that were offered. I also told them about people from IT background in the program now and how they are present with experience > 50 months.

P 1 – So, you have done your research well.
Ans- I said it was not only research, but my plans were aligned with the course and therefore the need of a selection.

P 2 – So what all calls do you have.
P 1 – cool , do you have any questions?
Ans –
1) Yes, what exact roles are given for placement?
P 1 – roles offered are more aligned towards consulting and we have the BIG 4 am consulting companies which provide 50% of opportunities.

2) The 9 months of integrated project, is it given by industry or can we chose it on our own?
P 1 – They are mostly given by industries but you can also take your own.

P 1 – All the best!
My Personal take – Pretty chilled out panel. I actually thought the entire process as a discussion with profs over chai.
Still fingers crossed!! IIM LUCKNOW awaiting.

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