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MICA Interview experience
Date – 13.03.2020
Venue – Monotel, Kolkata
Reporting Time – 1:00 pm

Step 1- Document Verification
The concerned person will ask you for the following document

MICAT Call letter.
MICA SOP filled form. 
CAT/XAT Score Card.
Original Id proof.
Make sure you carry these.

Step 2- GE

You will be divided into panel of 8 to 9 candidates. Then you will be taken to a room and you are provided with various items on it like chart paper, color paper, sketch pens, ribbons etc.The group was asked to come out with a newspaper article in not more than 150 words on the following topic-

 GE Topic – “End of humanity and rise of robots” in 30 mins.

Step 3- PI

Minimum duration of PI is going to be around 25-30 mins. They will be questioning solely upon the things you have mentioned in your SOP. Write it very carefully and know about the things you have mentioned. My whole interview revolved around my work ex and things mentioned in SOP. Also note one person will be there who no matter what you say will condescend your views and refute your explanation and stop you in the middle. But you need to hang on and have clear explanations.

As I entered I was told my physique does not matches with the general notion of that of mining engineers.They were expecting someone different with a built physique 7 feet tall. I laughed with them and said that my company has the same perception of me. But I feel it is good to be different.

So bahar jab door ke khade the tum sunn rhe the na hume. What were we discussing. Tell me.
I told I will not lie. But yes I could hear your voices but couldn’t make out what exactly were you talking about.

Interviewer 1 to another interviewers- Sir dekhiye iski SOP. Starting reading out loud. Larger than life figure hai. Teaching kiya hai..Coding kiya hai…Marketing me internship kiya hai..Dramatics club me tha…Painting bhi karta hai..Social media pe likhta hai..Understanding hai. Kash yeh sb mai apni wife ko keh pata. Banda matlab perfectionist hai..Har jagah chaya hua hai..Nahi it’s good but how could you manage?

I replied calmly that Sir the teaching you mentioned was taken up by me to support the family. I had an interest in coding so took a course on C and C++. Dramatics and Script writing was my escape from normal college technical to develop my overall personality. And coming to understanding people have told me that its inheret.

Interviewer : Ankur do you have obsessive compulsive disorder. I mean do you think you have to do everything perfect.
Me: No I said. I told me I just want that the things I own or that leaves my desk are justified and gives me satisfaction.

Interviewer : O.k. tell me one reason we should not take you in MICA?
I told them one reason could be my indulgence in a particular activity is so engrossed leading to less focus on other stuffs which might be important.

Sidha sidha bolo na you are not a multi-tasker. So you cannot multi-task right? Right? Say.
Me : Aisa nahi h sir. I have been multi-tasking which is evident from my SOP. But when I take a job I do it till it gets done upto my level of satisfaction and thus I tend to focus less which i should focus with the same intensity and thus leave things open to errors.

O.k. got it.

Aise hi mujhe they have grilled but I was calm and cool and replying to every allegation they were throwing at me with my thought process and a positive attitude of learning.

Some Important Question asked by them on which you should to ponder over were :

1. Why MICA? (MICA me Marketing karke kya hi mil jayega? – Exact words)
2. Why PGDM-C and not PGDM?
3. Have you gone through the course structure of PGDM-C? Elaborate
4. What other calls do you have?
5. If I make you sign a bond here that you will not be allowed to sit for placements in any other company will you still go for the course and then go on to work for the same company you are working? ( backdrop I mentioned that how I want to use concepts in marketing in mining sector)(Similar question was asked to another person as well who told that money did not matter to her)
6. What is the latest book you have read?
7. Do you still pursue your hobby or left it due to work?
8. O.k. any questions for us Ankur.

I said yes sir can you please tell me about the job roles offered by companies visiting MICA?

Are yaar tumhe kya mtlb hai tum toh apne company me jaoge na. Mining me hi na.

At last they said, are sir Srivastava hai yeh.Yeh bahut chalu hote hai. I am myself experienced.( Backdrop actually at last they said so you won’t take placements and go in your current company, I said at that time you had mentioned “if”.They smiled)

So overall I had a good experience.Last tak I had my answered prepared. And I think i convinced them. Felt like a fighter spirit inside me when I came out without giving into the pressure created by them.

Fingers crossed.

Ens result – Converted MICA 

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