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Excerpts from the Interview with Aniket Agrawal- CAT’20- 99.46 %tile


Aniket Agarwal scored 99.46 percentile in CAT 2020. Aniket, has completed Civil Engineering and has worked in Real Estate domain for 3 years.  

What made you join Elites Grid?

While searching for an online coaching, Elites Grid was the only coaching I was impressed with, which was affordable in comparison to other institutes with almost the same services and material provided.

 How has EG helped you?

EG helped me prepare in a time bound manner. I was aware of what needs to be done but I needed a little anchoring so that I could score well and that was what EG has helped me with a lot.

Individual hard work of course matters a lot but some help and support from your mentors can go a long way. How has your experience with Elites Grid been in this respect?

For me, EG is not a coaching institute, it is a place for mentorship and guidance. All the three faculty members were the main reasons why I could score so well. The faculty members are so hardworking that I often pondered if they get to sleep at all. I used to think, “Do they have a personal life?”. That was because they were always available for students round the clock. There were times when I gave them a text at 2 AM, and still got a reply and if someone would text them at 4 AM, they’d still be available. It seemed like we could approach them 24*7!

A good faculty can be like a support system, a family. How has it helped you sail through difficult times?

My weakest section was LRDI because often I knew how to solve the question but still ended up missing out important points and choosing the wrong answer. However, the faculty guided me well and told me what I should do and what I shouldn’t.

Shahzar sir used to tell me that when my knowledge increases, I shouldn’t think that it’s happening just like that. He was the one working behind the curtains along with me. It was after some time that I understood what he meant. I could actually feel my knowledge about various things increasing and expansion of my horizon. It was when I scored 40 in my first mock that I realized that I need to work really hard. Sectional tests helped me to prepare well. I used to get a lot of pressure initially while attempting mocks but with time, I was able to get rid of it.

Any advice from your mentors that you’d like to share with us?

I still remember Hunny sir once said that he feels very bad when a boy of the age 27-28 calls and cries for help. He said that we all have our own set of problems but the only way is to work hard and move forward in life. This statement of his, somehow had an impression on me. All the faculty members taught me to be dedicated in life.

Having experienced the different phases of CAT preparation, what advice would you like to give to other CAT aspirants? 

My personal advice for all the CAT aspirants out there would be that,

  • Have patience 
  • Work hard every day, not just a day or week.
  • Trust your mentors
  • Focus more on fundamentals rather than study material and questions.

These are the key takeaways from my experience of sailing through the different phases of my preparation for CAT.

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