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Aviral, please share details about your profile, percentile and calls you have? 

I have done my schooling from Meerut, UP and graduation(B.Tech) from IIT Jammu. Post that, I have worked as an analyst with a Consulting firm (8 months).

CAT Percentile – 99.38

Interview Calls – All the IIMs (except A, B & C) and SP. Jain

What made you join Elites Grid?

After my disastrous result of CAT 2019, I joined Elites Grid in January 2020 and started my preparation with them. I believe EG focuses on improving our weaknesses. The main reason that made me join EG was that I didn’t have to worry about formulating my preparation plan.

How did EG help you with the preparation?

EG formulated the process very well. I didn’t have to think about what to do at what point of time. We could just trust the faculties and the curriculum. They focused on every little detail, with regards to preparation. EG specified about which type of questions are to be done, the complexities of the questions to solve during different months of preparation, which mocks were to be given, this was something pretty unique about the faculties. I was just there to do everything they asked me to do.

What makes EG stand out?

I had friends at other coaching centers and we compared their way and results. The clarity that EG gives in LRDI and QUANT is really good. The problem solving in case of VA is done in depth. The teacher would just get out your assumptions from you and he would find out the logic from there, that helped me a lot. Logic is focused at EG and that is what I love. In short, the materials and strategies of EG make it different from others. 

Did being in a coaching institute give you an edge over the others?

Yes, for a competitive exam like CAT I would never suggest self-preparation because that distracts your vision. Preparing under the guidance of EG mentors helped me know my mistakes and rectify them.

What role did EG MOCK Analysis Sessions and SECTIONAL Test play in your preparation?

EG Mock Analysis Sessions help you to find out what you don’t know. EG Sectional Test are based on the topics you have covered. Other centers sometimes put a lot of useless questions in the mocks just to increase the pressure of students. But that is not the case with EG. EG mock analysis helped pinpoint the topic where I am weak, and which topic’s subtopic needed practice, which is difficult to guess in a complete mock. I was able to analyse the type of questions in which I take more time. EG sectional test are very aligned with your preparation.

Individual hard work of course matters a lot but support from your mentors can go a long way. How did EG mentors help you?

I would divide this into two parts, first is with the academics and the other with motivation. They teach according to your understanding and go through each and every basics of the topic, making sure each one of the students understands it. They help to create a virtual mind map of topics and sub topics. Some of the mentors in other coaching institutes sometimes just turn the facts to match the answers given in the book, but that is not the case with EG mentors. They change your way of understanding the question. The kind of motivation the mentors provide is commendable. It feels like I was in a competition of working hard with the faculties. 

You mentioned EG made you know your mistakes. What are some of the mistakes you analysed, that could help the future CAT aspirants?

My first mistake as well as advice is that don’t skip out mocks. EG mock analysis sessions are really impactful. Set high targets. Don’t blindly follow any sets of questions you find online. EG sets up questions in a sequence of difficulty level so don’t mess up with it. 

Any advice from your mentors that you would like to share with us?

  • Rounds approach in Quant
  • Question selection in LRDI 
  • Skipping questions, that you don’t know 

I believe that even to implement the tips I mentioned, you have to learn how to implement it.

Giving tips as well as teaching how to implement it, is what EG faculty is good at. 

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