Excerpts from the Interview with Himanshu Shekhar 


Himanshu is B-Tech Graduate (Mechanical Engineering). He started his professional career with Deloitte as Business Analyst. 

How did Elites Grid help you?

Earlier, I was very skeptical of joining any coaching institute due to my engineering background. I was confused about whether I would make a good candidate for the institute or not. Thus I started off with self study. One day I stumbled upon the YouTube channel of Elites Grid and found it really helpful and unique. Post that I made up my mind to join Elites Grid.

For Quantitative Aptitude, I really found Hunny Sir’s classes, assignments and shortcuts really mind boggling. I still feel that it surely turned out to be one of my strengths in the main exam.

For Logical Reasoning & Data Interpretation, I’m very grateful for Gaurav sir’s sessions and LRDI assignments as they contained really quality questions which had a high propensity of appearing in exams. 

For Verbal Ability & Reading Comprehension, I was recommended books which helped a great deal in improving my verbal habit. The books ranged from fictional ones to autobiographies, literally any genre helps in good practice.

The structure of classes, mock analysis sessions and time to time motivational sessions were of great help. EG is not only an Academy that provides course, it is family. When you register in course, you become a part of EG family where the mentors not only teach you regarding the course, but give you life learning lessons. 

What do you prefer and why: Individual preparation or Coaching?

My experience is based on Elites Grid so, I will prefer coaching because of three primary reasons and all these reasons constitutes to EG.

Firstly, all the regular practice sessions and mocks help you become more focused towards your end goal, beyond that it also instills a healthy competitive spirit which surely makes you step outside of your comfort zone and try new techniques. Lastly, it helps you to recognize the topics/areas which you really need to focus on and which ones who can manage without that much effort.

What role did the mocks play in your preparation?

It surely did play a big part in my preparation as it made me divide my time effectively and thus I could devote more time to practice the areas I wasn’t great at plus they also made me grasp the content of the class better.I also feel that Elites Grid mocks were really unique in its approach and made me prepare for all circumstances that I might have encountered in the exam.

What was one very helpful advice which you received from your mentors?

The best advice that I received from my mentors was that ‘Do what your teachers give you and be confident while solving problems’.

I could blindly follow their advise because I could clearly see the efforts they were putting in for students. Honestly, I could see them working harder than students. 

What advice and/or would you give to our readers?

I have a couple of them actually, first things first I recommend people to always start preparation as early as possible and be consistent with it.

Make sure to dedicate a specific amount of time everyday to practice and don’t miss assignments and classes, they prove to be immensely helpful.

Lastly, listen to your teachers carefully, their experience will surely add a unique element to your preparation!

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