How a non-engineer prepared for CAT and cracked CAT with 99.75 percentiles?

I joined ElitesGrid in April 2019, at the recommendation of my brother. Honestly, I was very apprehensive about joining online coaching. Like many others, I did not like the idea of being taught by teachers I wouldn’t be able to see, at timings that seemed inconvenient at the time. However, after attending the very first class, I realised how mistaken I had been. My first class was taught by Hunny Sir and there was not a single moment in the entire class that I lost focus or felt disinterested. He made sure to stress on the important points, repeat points to clear everyone’s doubts and answer any queries that students had. Besides, the timings that I’d deemed inconvenient actually turned out to be a very fruitful utilisation of my time, leaving the evenings free for self-study.

Hunny Sir and Gaurav Sir are truly the best teachers anyone can have. I am currently pursuing my B.A. and consequently, I hadn’t been in touch with maths at all when I started my CAT preparation. However, Hunny Sir ensured that it would never be a problem for me. There hasn’t been a single class till date where I’ve felt less equipped to understand what he’s teaching. He has always been very lucid in his explanations, bringing perfect clarity on the topic of discussion, sometimes even repeating a point 3-4 times to help us understand better. I have truly never seen a teacher more patient than Hunny Sir. For LRDI, there can be no one better than Gaurav Sir. He made sure to cover every single possibility of sets that we might get in CAT, and even more. He always encouraged us to solve sets on our own, giving us time to attempt them before he went on to explain the same. This enabled us to develop an independent thinking which I believe is very necessary for LRDI.

It’s not just the regular classes that sets EG apart from other coaching institutes. It’s a lot more than that. Hunny Sir and Gaurav Sir never made it look like their only job was to teach us. They made sure that they stayed along with us throughout our journey, giving us advice on how to improve, pumping us up when we were low on confidence, helping us stay on track all throughout. Honestly, I would’ve given up much earlier but it was the constant efforts put by Hunny Sir and Gaurav Sir that kept me going.

They made sure to discuss every important mock test, helping us analyse where we went wrong and how we could’ve improved. They even conducted revision sessions to make sure we’ve retained everything. There was never the need of taking notes in Hunny sir’s classes because he made sure to revise everything at least 4-5 times before the actual CAT. Even the 2 days before CAT, he revised the entire syllabus. TWICE. There was not a chance that we’d ever forget anything he taught us.

In the last one month, to make sure we’re on track and not wasting time on futile activities, Hunny Sir also chalked up a daily schedule, listing down everything we need to cover in that day. This helped immensely, especially as a fresher, as I was clueless and losing my mind over what all to cover in just one month. Hunny Sir and Gaurav Sir also often conducted live sessions to discuss test strategies, instill confidence and boost overall morale, which was very necessary in those last days when our nerves got the best of us.

Until the day of the CAT, they stuck by us and made sure we gave our best for it. The day CAT ended, they made sure we got it out of our heads and started preparing for IIFT without wasting any more time. This is their level of dedication. They never gave up for a single moment and never let us give up either. They kept reminding us that one exam does not change anything, we have multiple chances ahead of us and we cannot give up. More than the classroom teachings, it is these constant words of comfort and motivation that have helped so much. Even at my lowest points, it was helpful to have teachers by my side who kept reminding me that one or two bad mock scores don’t mean anything as long as I kept practising. And that has truly made all the difference. I don’t know if I’ll get into a good college or not yet, but however I’ve been able to perform in the exams so far, it has all been possible only because of EG, and I will always be grateful for it.

CAT 2019 Percentiles – 99.75.

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