“I always thought 99+ percentiles is something which can be achieved only by toppers.” My journey to 99+ in CAT 2019.


“Jab tum CAT ke gate pe kadhye hogye aur tumhe lagye ga tum se jitna ho pata tumne kiya, you have won 50% of the battle” – The golden words of Hunny Malhotra EG rang like war bells when I stood outside my centre.

I always thought CAT was big league and saw some of my college batch toppers crack it. I felt this was beyond me. All this changed when one friend who is now in IIM Ranchi told me to close my eyes and join Hunny Malhotra EG.

After much self-doubt and pondering, I joined the Elites Grid, by far the best decision of my life. Trust me, guys, this man along with Gaurav Kapoor turned a really average guy into fight worthy candidate. There are many positive takeaways:

  1. Guidance:
    I blindly followed every assignment. Daily Practice sessions of 10 – 15 questions, night classes 10 – 12. Weekend marathons. Those were fundamental to my concept building.
  2. Mock Analysis:
    Hunny Sir and Gaurav Sir analysed every IMS mock and taught their method of attacking every mock. They analysed to detail every question and highlighted alternative ways of thinking about a question.
    “Question ka solution important nehi hai, approach samajna important hai”
    Sir aapka ek ek quote kanno mein bajta hai.
  3. Booster & Schedule
    The most brilliant part of Elites Grid is that they make your schedule and trust me in the mad race when you are a working professional this brings a lot of method to the madness. I didn’t need to worry about anything. Morning mein utha and I saw I have to do these things as the schedule would be posted by sir. Sorted.
  4. Booster is absolutely important as it will assimilate all your learning so that you don’t forget anything you learnt.
  5. The amount of revision classes Sir took is phenomenal. I feel guilty for not being able to attend all the sessions. Jo pura kar liya uska 99.99 pakka.

Motivation – Probably the most underrated but most valuable of your prep journey. There will be times when you feel like quitting. Bad scores in mock. Poor marks in sectional. I always found a friend in Hunny Malhotra EG and Gaurav Kapoor. They pumped me back to strive again.

No matter where life leads me now. I will look back at the day I joined EG as the day my life changed for the better. My attitude changed toward problem-solving.

All the very best to all aspirants of CAT 2020
Rahul Mandal
OA – 161.16 (99.15)

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