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Yesterday, we had conducted a small interview with Daniel Sinha, who has recently converted IIFT Delhi with 99.9971 percentile. Some questions were framed to get a glimpse of his preparation strategy, problems faced by him and to get some tips to excel in IIFT entrance exam . This article untangles all these mysteries.

Question 1.
Was I.I.F.T. 2019 your first MBA entrance exam?

Answer. This was my second attempt. I took CAT 2018 and I.I.F.T. 2019 when I was in the final year of my college.

Question 2. Did you enroll for any coaching, if yes, how was your experience?
Answer. I enrolled for TIME Jabalpur in my first attempt. This year, I was in my hometown, so I thought of enrolling for mock test series and taking online classes. Like for LR DI, I went for Elites Grid LR DI course. I was satisfied with the teaching methodology and course coverage. The team at EG was also very supportive. I had a great experience.

Question 3. What was your section-wise strategy for IIFT?
In my previous attempt, I had certain issues with the QA section. I solved many sectionals, topic-wise tests, and mocks to improve my QA speed and accuracy.
For LR DI, solving a variety of sets is crucial. You can refer to any standard material for that. Just make sure that you are well aware of all the different types of questions. For DI, I worked on my calculation speed.
For VA RC, I just relied on Mock Tests. I had some difficulty in Verbal ability, especially with para jumble and para summary questions. Still, some practice from the study material and solving previous year questions helped me a lot.
For GK, I referred to some bank exam websites for Current Affairs capsule. I have also been a regular reader of some books for static GK, so that really helped me in the examination.

Question 4. Everyone says that mocks are crucial for CAT, what’s your opinion regarding this.
Answer. They are crucial. I would attribute my success mainly to my regularity in taking mocks and carefully analyzing them. They help a lot in identifying your grey areas and monitoring your preparation. You need to know if you are going in the right direction. Most importantly, mocks gave me a sense of demo exam environment, which helped me to figure out the best approach to attempt an exam effectively.

Question 5. What problems did you face in your preparation, and how did you overcome them?
Answer. While for the initial phase of my preparation, I was in my hometown, and then in August, I had to go to Pune for a job. So, I had to manage my preparation along with a hectic job training. It was a challenge for me, but every aspirant definitely faces some kind of challenge during preparation. What is important is how he moves ahead with them. Although I was tired after work, I tried to take some time out for studies. I even gave mocks sometimes on evenings after work. I used to utilize my weekends well and streamlined everything, be it, theory, mocks, or even mock analysis. One needs to get the maximum out of Saturday and Sunday, especially if you are a working professional.

Question 6. What were your key learning from your preparation phase or any tips for other cat aspirants?
I learned that the key to success in these exams lies in being regular, clear, and confident. It is imperative to back your abilities and knowing your weak areas. Also, one should not take preparation as a burden but as a good challenge and an opportunity to learn. Prepare a good and reasonable study plan, stick to that, and monitor your progress regularly. Don’t get demotivated if things go wrong- instead, identify where the problem lies and work on that. Be happy and cheerful and have a positive frame of mind. You would surely excel.

I wish great success to all the aspirants.

Daniel Sinha
IIFT Delhi (2020-22)
I.I.F.T. 2019 – 99.9971 percentile

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