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10th : 95.29 (I.C.S.E.)
12th   : 78 (State Board)
Graduation : 8.1 (Engineering, Electrical)
Work Experience : 1 year, 6 months (at time of interviews)
Category: General, Engineer
CAT: 98.79  

Date: 28th Feb, 2020  (IIM Indore – Mumbai Campus)

Panel 1, 2 M, Too cordial and chill.

M 1: I guess all panels are done by now and you are the last. (I nodded) So, tell us how are you feeling?
Me: Mixed feelings. Good that at least when I go outside, I won’t have to answer people’s anxiety about the interview.

M 1: (laughs) True. True. So, you are an Electrical Engineering Graduate of 2018. Let’s start with that then? (You can skip the below questions if you are not related to the field)

  • Torque speed characteristics – I did draw and then explained.
  • Working of Inductor – explained – a bit of cross-questioning was done here
  • Why AC instead of DC – Explained but they kept on questioning more on this
  • Was Tesla the AC man or Edison. Give a brief history. – answered (this question had surprising been asked in the mock interview just the day before)
  • Tolerance Band (I said I cannot recollect at present – this was probably first semester questions :D. They tried to push me hard to recollect – so I tried to vaguely explain whatever I could recollect)
  • What is turns ratio
  • What are the components in this mobile, tell me all the electronic components in this in layman terms?
  • Then how do you think this biometric works (there was one in the room)
  • What happened in the 2011 Blackout? Continued from here to ask about invertors. 

Pause for a few seconds:

M 2: Give us a brief about your work, and your hobbies or extra curricular, if any. 

(Answered. I worked for a Retail Client and was familiar with ERP, Supply Chain Functionalities and various Automation Frameworks. On hobbies and extra curriculars part, I gave an insight of open mic, working for an e-newsletter, and about being an active Debater.)

M 2: That is interesting. What do you think are the major bottlenecks in a Supply Chain? 

Me: (Talked about inventory problems, DC planning, forecast errors, adaptability and so on. Tried to cite the example of Toyota.)

M 2: Do you like current affairs? (I nodded)

M 2: What is the nationality of Melania Trump? (Did not remember)

M 2: Where did the meeting take place in Delhi? Hyderabad House

M 2: So, tell me where is the USA on the map? 

North America 

M 2: What are the other countries there? Draw north and south America? (Passed a paper to draw the same) 

(I was able to draw it out well since I had a good hold over all these

M 1: Tell me about Spanish Colonization. (Started well but could not continue much)

M 2: Do you know what exactly is the Sunni- Shia clash? (Explained. This was asked majorly because I had mentioned earlier about Debates and MUNs)

M 1: While explaining that, Draw y= mod (3/x).

M 2: Okay let us get done with extempore. 

Since you love open mics, we will give you extra time for this open mic but no time to think

(Usually, you are provided 10-20 secs to structure your thoughts, and then speak for around 60-120 secs)

Topic: Racism They kept nodding.

M 1: Okay we are done. Have some chocolates? Also, if any question then you may ask. 

Me: Asked about how Indore is collaborating to improvise and advance Lucknow’s traffic management and cleanliness system. 

M 2 & M 1 both got actively involved in the question and answered. (although not necessary but it is always a good thing to show that you are reading about them, and are genuinely interested to know more)

Verdict: Converted IIM INDORE
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