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IMT Ghaziabad Interview Process
Venue- CII, Kolkata
Reporting Time- 8:00AM

STEP-1- Document Verification

As you enter, you will be given a token number as per which you will be called to show the document (Kagaz wahan dikhana pdega). The following documents are required.

1. IMT Ghaziabad Selection Call Letter
2. Marksheets of X, XII, Grad
3. Profile Data form ( Kindly update and download from your IMT Login)
4. Experience Certificate if applicable
5. CAT/XAT etc. scorecard

Step 2- Group Excercise

Students will be divided into teams of 9-10 students. You will be taken to a room. You will have a problem statement, and the group has to come out with a conclusion in about 30 min. Your group will be given a round table with chart paper, sketch pens, glue stick, color paper. You have to design a campaign. In all these 30 min you will be monitored by two moderators as to what inputs you are giving.

Problem statement which was given to my team

Beauty products are tested on animals, and an NGO has claimed that it harms animals involved in the process. This claim harms the brand image of your company. You are the PR manager and you have to do something to revive the brand image.

TIP – People who are good at drawing or calligraphy should be given to draw on chart paper. Outline first. Cooperate, do not create chaos.

** After giving a conclusion, we were told to go out. As we were going out , I saw bits of paper on which we worked lying on the floor. I picked it up, when a panelist saw me doing that but that was not for the show.

A girl who was in my team told his friend- “Dekho impression jhaad rha”. I politely replied to her, If education can’t change your mindset, nothing can. If we create a mess, it is our obligation to clean it. That’s how you set an example. And I went away.

So see to it. You keep things clean after all that is done.

#Step 3- Personal Interview

Two panelist. I was the first one to be interviewed on the day. My good luck :p . The following questions captures my whole PI round : 

1. Tell me something about yourself

2. Why Marketing ( as I have chosen as my priority)

3. Work ex related questions(mine is mining)- Mine allocation, Tendering process, type of mine, stripping ratio, Reliance Natural Gas updates

4. How will your experience help in what you are going to do?

5. How will your friends describe you if you were not there?

6. If I came from outside India, what would you like to tell me? ( I said I would tell you about the latest budget) Then they asked me some budget-related questions. What were the highlights. What did you unlike about the budget. What would you recommend to the Finance Minister?

7. Are you optimistic about the future?

8. What other calls do you have?

9. Which is your dream B-School?

10. Which papers do you read? Why?

I answered most of them.
They told me good.
I shook hands and went out.

Let’s see aage kya hota hai.
All the best all the future aspirants who are willing to go to IMT Ghaziabad.

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