Journey to IIFT Delhi | Messed up in CAT but excelled in IIFT



10th – 94.8
12th – 87.4
B.Tech – 8.87
Work ex – 24 months at Philips
IIFT – 99.83

XAT – 98.61

Long nights, early mornings and weekends spent alone in my room studying, this was my routine for almost a year. I wanted only one thing, which was to get into a premier B-school. I remember making a list of 10 b-schools and sticking it to a wall and looking at it every day after I woke up, it was my motivation. My b-school story is not a happy joyride that went perfectly, but it is a story of not giving up when all seems lost.


I enrolled in Elites Grid in January 2019 with Batch 1. My preparation strategy was reasonably straight forward, for Quantitative aptitude I just followed Hunny sir. Whatever he asked us to do, I did that religiously, nothing more and nothing less. Classes, assignments, and practice sessions are of utmost importance here. For verbal , in the initial stages, I started reading a lot of articles to increase my reading speed. Then, I moved to RC 99 and previous years’ mocks for practice. LR DI was my Achilles heel; I followed Gaurav sir’s classes and the youtube LRDI playlist. Practiced a bit from previous years’ mock papers to cover as many models as possible.

Moving on to the mocks, I took the AIMCAT and SIMCAT. The importance of mock analysis cannot be overstated. Keep note of all the critical questions from the mocks (TIME has an option to bookmark questions during review and view the bookmarked questions later). Also, do try to find alternative approaches for a question. Hunny sir is the king of giving multiple approaches to one question, it’s exhausting at times but comes in handy!


November 2019, a week before the D-day my confidence was high, riding on the back of a slew of good mock scores. I was pretty consistent in my mock scores, and everything was going well. On the D-day, I was calm and did not let anxiety get the better of me until I picked a wrong LR DI set and then the panic started creeping in. Things did not play out well from there, and I started to panic even more, and CAT 2019 was a flop. I could not believe what just happened and how could I let it happen. I was wrecked, I knew that I did not attempt enough questions to get me through. Ten months of hard work wasted? I was at a very low point, thinking about how I wasted an year’s effort in just 3 hours. IIFT exam was in a week, and XAT was about a month away. I felt like giving up and taking a shot at CAT 2020.


November 24th, 2019 at around 7 pm Hunny sir came live on Facebook; I remember him telling us “ Yeh end nahin hain, ek hi seat chahiye. End tak ladenge aur ek acchi college nikalenge” surely it was not the right time to give up, it never is. My family and friends were a huge source of support. Now that giving up is not an option, what next? A “long” nap, and then preparation for IIFT started, one week of rigorous preparation completely fuelled by Hunny sir and Gaurav sir. I just did what they asked me to do for IIFT and XAT, ended up with a 99.83 percentile in IIFT and 98.61 percentile in XAT, and got calls from IIFT, SPJIMR and XLRI.

I am writing this for all of who you may not perform the way you want to in CAT (or any other exam for that matter), do not give up there is still hope. Your score or percentile does not define you. “Regression to the mean”, the world around us is filled with randomness, and when there are extremes in some situations, the following situations will be closer to the mean or average. No matter how bad things are at the moment or how good, they will always come back to normal. This little quote from Teen Wolf has helped me a lot, hope it will help you too. If today is hard, tomorrow will be a little easier. So, do not give up on account of a few bad mocks. Prepare with dedication, determination, and discipline, and you will taste success sooner or later. Trust your mentors at Elites Grid; they work harder than you do for your success.
All the best for your exams, never give up!

 I will be joining IIFT Delhi this year, and yes it was a part of the ten b-school list that I mentioned in the beginning.

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