The time you were waiting for is NOW, Stop procrastinating by Elites grid


Have you ever been in a situation when you know that you have to complete this chapter, attend this class, or perform some task or solve XYZ number of questions today?

But suddenly, you start doing trivial activities like scrolling Facebook, or chatting with your kins or unexpectedly hunger strikes at your door!

And then, at the end of the day, you realize that all those tasks remain unfinished with net zero results.

Then, this article is for you.

Many a time, we go through a situation when instead of working on an important task, we start doing trivial tasks, which does not even require attention .You may think that you have structured everything in your mind, but on the ground, you have done nothing. This avoidance of doing a task that need to be accomplished before deadline is procrastination. When you procrastinate, you waste time that you could have invested in something meaningful. In addition, feelings of regret and guilt resulting from missed opportunities start taking a toll over your head. If you could overcome this fierce enemy, you will be able to accomplish more than the set target.

You must remember,

While you waste your time pondering over things and postponing them, life is slipping away, and in life, every single second you waste is gone forever.

Procrastination is a sin.
The time you are waiting for is NOW.
It is not tomorrow, not at night or not after an hour, IT’S THE VERY MOMENT you are living in.

If you can do something today, why not do it the very moment, why do you want to shift it to some other day. You may ask me what will happen if you don’t do it now? Dude, Life is unpredictable, you even don’t know if you are going to be alive tomorrow, how can you predict that tomorrow will be the right time to do that task.

I know you might have been going through horrendous experiences, maybe due to last year’s failure, or perhaps you have lost all hopes. But getting dejected by something which has already happened, would never give you a chance to get up and fight back. It’s you, who has to take that stand. Its never too late to START OVER, but it takes willpower and efforts to take the first step forward.

Your destiny is in your hands; you just have to take a call.

Believe me; if you decide it today, you can be one step ahead of someone who will be procrastinating it further. Believe yourself, and YOU WILL WIN. Next time the show may be all yours. It is just these hard moments that define your future. Just take a step.

Now how to tackle this?

Procrastination begins when one is impulsive but not self-disciplined. It is a voluntary delay of some important task that we intend to do and what we actually do, the gap between them is that of intention and action.

STEP 1 – Define why the end result (here CAT) is important to you?

Take a day, ask yourself why you want to do it, what it actually matters. Why have you come this far in this journey, and what can be the potential outcome. If you find a solid reason, this self-realization will do half of the work. Love for the end result will definitely help you take the necessary steps. But, beware this time don’t fantasize, TAKE A STEP.


This time make a realistic list which you could follow owing to your daily schedule. Make a strict schedule. For Elitesgrid students, just follow us, don’t miss any classes, start solving assignment from day 1 . Never procrastinate classes, there will be longer classes in the upcoming days. Keep things intact from the beginning.


At the end of the day, acknowledge what you have done, Self-reflection is the key. According to a research, people who procrastinate have a higher level of stress and lower well being so
Even if, in the initial stage, you could not fulfill all the tasks, analyze what was the reason behind it and how it can be tackled. Don’t be negative; be grateful for whatever you have done; just make a house brick by brick.

Procrastination is a self-defeating cycle. You should not give your mind to sudden gratification; you should prioritize things. As discussed, you need to get things done but don’t rush; that is one thing you should procrastinate on. Don’t fantasize.You should instead take a single step, repeat, and then repeat it again, one day, that fantasy will be a reality.
Cheers to the new beginning. Start preparing . Stop procrastinating and enroll yourself at elitesgrid or follow us at  facebook  and youtube 😉 

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